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Hey! In case you missed it on the front page, my name is Shannon.

My idea of a good time either includes traveling to somewhere new, or eating some dang good dessert. 

I live in Palo Alto, California with my boyfriend who is a medical student at Stanford. We met on my nineteenth birthday in the basement of a Harvard fraternity. True love can happen anywhere folks!

You can read allllll about my life on my blog, Endless May or join my community on Instagram where I talk a heck of a lot about self love, photography, being a young business owner, and how much I love dessert.


number of desserts i have per week


times I've lost MY passport (including getting it stolen in prague!)


countries i've visited


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I love lists. Perhaps it is the organizational freak in me but I find them so satisfying.


I want to leave every wedding or session as best friends.


I love the outdoors but I don't mind the comfort of high threadcount sheets!


I have a goal to visit 50 countries. So far, 18/50!


I believe all bodies are beautiful and body inclusivity is important to me and my work!


I believe love is love.


I've played violin since I was five! It has taught me to deeply love and appreciate music. 


I love shooting high school & college seniors and started doing so when I was a sophomore at Wellesley College.

(pictured is one of my first ever logos!)


I have a blog called Endless May. That's where I share my soul through words and photos, and where I post everything from mental health to wedding photography tips.


I have a passion for mental health. My experience volunteering for Crisis Text Line has opened my eyes to the need for more access to higher quality mental health resources.


Photography has always been something I have loved, since I was a young girl asking for a film camera every time we went to the grocery store. I hope that this love and passion shines through the work I create for my clients!

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