I'm Shannon May Brown. I am a photographer & blogger based in Boston & San Francisco. I love Cheez-its, candles and my college sweetheart Dani more than words can express. Every day, I try and live life with kindness & creativity.


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Do You Really Need a DSLR As a Blogger?

Often, I am asked if you need a DSLR camera in order to have a successful blog with beautiful images. The recipe to create a beautiful photo is much more complicated than the type of camera you use. While a DSLR can provide you with a lot of flexibility in the look of photos that […]

July 24, 2017


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5 Reasons People are Scrolling Past Your Instagram Photo

Instagram is an incredibly powerful social media platform–especially for photographers and bloggers. However, it is easy to get frustrated with the ever-changing algorithms, the “shadow-banning” and the sheer amount of content that is being posted every day. I always used to worry that people would mindfully scroll past my photo without even taking a look. […]

July 22, 2017

Education, Instagram, Social Media

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