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July 7, 2017

Emily | Baker Beach Blog Photos

The moment I saw Baker Beach for the first time, I knew that I had to shoot there at some point. I was so glad that Emily wanted to do another blogging session and agreed to trek out to the beach with me! Despite the wind, it was so much warmer than the session Emily and I did together in Boston a few months ago (but let’s be honest, anything is warmer than Boston winters!!). Baker Beach, CA | Photo by Shannon May Brown

About fifteen minutes into shooting, I noticed a naked man running in and out of the water in the distance (thank goodness for a little bit of photoshop magic). Turns out, Baker Beach is actually a nude beach and this guy was just enjoying a bit of salt and sand!

Baker Beach, CA | Photo by Shannon May Brown

To escape the wind, we walked through this gorgeous field of sunflowers. I was so giddy about how beautiful this spot was!

Thanks Emily for letting me capture your beautiful style in such a beautiful place!

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