I'm a candle-obsessed, planner-addicted, Cheez-Its-loving creative with a passion for helping people create images they love. 

Catch me on a Saturday and I am probably spending it with my sweetheart Dani or curled on the couch editing photos and eating a box of Cheez-Its (the addiction is real guys).

I think life is too short to not follow what you love and that above all, kindness & creativity matter. Want to know more about me? Check out Endless May, my personal lifestyle blog.

kindness & creativity

Dani and I live outside of San Francisco, California where he attends medical school. We are college sweethearts and best friends and spend way too much time arguing over what type of music to listen to. Most people don't know that if I am in a photo on my blog, he's most likely the one who took it!

a bit about us...

I have grown my lifestyle blog to gain partnerships with top brands like Amazon and Dunkin' Donuts because of my photography. My photos took my business and blog to the next level. I know the power behind a good image, and I want you to as well.

why do you love to talk about blogging photography?

Yes and yes! Check out my pricing, gallery or contact me pages!

do you shoot families or seniors?