5 Reasons People are Scrolling Past Your Instagram Photo

5 REASONS FOLLOWERS ARE SCROLLING PAST YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS | Increase engagement and followers on Instagram with Shannon May Brown

Instagram is an incredibly powerful social media platform–especially for photographers and bloggers. However, it is easy to get frustrated with the ever-changing algorithms, the “shadow-banning” and the sheer amount of content that is being posted every day. I always used to worry that people would mindfully scroll past my photo without even taking a look. So, I armed myself with research and I came up with sure-fire ways to make sure my Instagram photos weren’t being scrolled past.

It Blends In

You have posted a pretty flat lay of your coffee or your makeup products but nothing really stands out about it. It looks like the ten other flat lay photos that your followers have seen today. The issue? It blends in. It isn’t drawing attention. Instead, think of new angles and props and, most importantly, think about the caption (more on this below).

The Caption is Short and Generic

Yes, I know this is a photography blog but truth be told, the caption on Instagram is the most undervalued piece of real estate and so I definitely think it is worth mentioning. If the caption doesn’t grab the attention of your followers, they won’t feel the want or desire to engage with you.

Writing a caption can be challenging. I suggest thinking of it like you would if you were telling a friend a story.

It is Edited Poorly

There is always a time and place for a sepia filter (or is there?) but if it is edited poorly, people aren’t going to want to stop and look at it. The beautiful thing is, editing photos can be SO easy now with the number of free apps. I suggest Afterlight and PicTapGo (two of my favorites).

It is Repetitive

If you are constantly posting similar photos of your dog, your followers are going to feel like they have already seen this photo before so they will be less inclined to stop and look at it. That being said, don’t feel like you can’t repurpose content! Plus, if your account is dog-focused, it is natural that you are going to have a lot of photos of dogs–just make sure you are “on-brand”…

It Isn’t “On-Brand”

Branding your Instagram is the best way to create an engaged community of followers. If you edit your photos a certain way and then all of the sudden surprise your followers with something different, they are going to be confused. As many people say, consistency creates trust. When your feed is consistent, your followers are going to know what to expect and they are going to fall in love with your brand.


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