Shannon May Brown

Shannon May Brown

Hey, I'm Shannon and I'm super excited you are here.

To be quite frank, growing up I never thought I would be a wedding photographer. Now, years into it, I realize that my heart has been leading me here my whole life.

Before Pinterest was a thing, I was creating wedding vision boards from magazines. I asked for a camera for Christmas almost every year (and one year I got a little digital camera that quickly became my prized possession). My idea of a fun Friday night in college would include binge watching wedding videos on YouTube. It was when I was living in Amsterdam, documenting it all on camera, that I realized that my passion for photography was more than just a passion—it was a calling.

I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate with so many awesome couples all over the world, and I am grateful for this job every day! 

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photographer, traveler, and lover of love stories

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Give or take, I don't count! Dessert is my love language.

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Dani and I have been together five years!

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Enneagram Type 2
"The giver"



France, Greece, and The Netherlands are my faves!

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Self love, travel, behind the scenes, vlogs, Business ownership

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