Borges Ranch Engagement Session - Shannon May Brown

Shannon May Brown

Shannon May Brown

This golden hour engagement session in Borges Ranch located outside San Francisco California was so glowy and beautiful!!! The weather was outstanding, and the light was the perfect mix of soft and warm. I had the best time photographing Sean and Erin there! These two are getting married in a few months on the East Coast and I’m flying there to photograph their wedding—I’m so excited!!

Like me, Sean and Erin are East-Coast transplants to the Bay Area. During our session, we laughed about how we DON’T miss the cold East Coast winters, but we could do without the California traffic. It was fun to hear about their time living in New York City, and the pace of life that is so different from here in NorCal. I’m really impressed that these two have managed to plan their wedding from across the country in a relatively short period of time (due to a wedding location change). They are optimistic, kind, and passionate people, and it’s been really fun getting to know both of them. Can’t wait for their fall New Jersey wedding!

Couple walking hand in hand on dirt road - Shannon May Brown

A couple walks hand in hand through a field away from the camera with a large tree in front of them» photo by Shannon May Brown

A girl laughs over her shoulder as her fiancé whispers something in her ear » Photo by Shannon May Brown

A couple stands in front of an old barn with a cactus next to them. They stand hand in hand smiling at each other. » Photo by Shannon May Brown

A couple stands hand in hand on a steep hill with a large tree behind them. They touch noses and look into each other's eyes.

A couple plays with a horse during their engagement session » Photo by Shannon May Brown

A couple stands hand in hand in front of a barn » Photo by Shannon May Brown


Borges Ranch Engagement Session

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