Boston Common Couples Session

Boston has such a special place in my heart, and getting to photograph this Boston Common couples session was a total treat! For those of you who don’t know, my fiancĂ© Dani and I met in Boston (well, technically Cambridge, but it’s right over the river!). We spent four beautiful years there, and loved it (minus the winters…I don’t miss those!). This past fall, I had the opportunity to return to Boston for the first time moving away in 2018, and it was such a walk down memory lane. I was so excited when Ari and Eric reached out because the Boston Common is so stunning—especially during fall golden hour!

We spent time walking around the gardens and taking in the glowy fall evening. These two were newer to the Boston area so it was fun getting to talk to them about their recent adventures, and local favorites.

A couple shares an embrace on a bridge in Boston Common. A couple walks down a street in Boston. A couple sits on a park bench and smiles at eachother in Boston Common A couple kisses with the Boston Common pond behind them. On the left a couple walks arm in arm and smiles at eachother. On the right, they embrace and he whispers in her ear. On the left, a couple stands forehead to forehead with gorgeous fall leaves behind them. On the right, they wear Boston Baseball hats and smile at the camera. A couple stands smiling and facing each other A couple stands in Boston Common under a willow tree and they hold hands in the left photo and wrap arms around each other on the right photo.

I had a great time in Boston and I can’t wait to be back soon! I hope you enjoyed this Boston Common couples session!

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