Second shooting weddings¬†is¬†often considered a right of passage and an entry point into the competitive world of wedding photography. As a second shooter, you support a primary photographer throughout the wedding day. Second shooters are often hired to capture unique angles, cover different parts of the event, help set up lighting/gear and be ready to […]

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How to Succeed as a Second/Assistant Wedding Photographer

How to succeed as a second photographer at weddings | Shannon May Brown

Often, I am asked if you need a DSLR camera in order to have a successful blog with beautiful images. The recipe to create a beautiful photo is much more complicated than the type of camera you use. While a DSLR can provide you with a lot of flexibility in the look of photos that […]

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Do You Really Need a DSLR As a Blogger?

Do You Really Need a DSLR Camera As a Blogger? Informative guide that will help you make the best decision! From Shannon May Brown

Instagram is an incredibly powerful social media platform–especially for photographers and bloggers. However, it is easy to get frustrated with the ever-changing algorithms, the “shadow-banning” and the sheer amount of content that is being posted every day. I always used to worry that people would mindfully scroll past my photo without even taking a look. […]

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5 Reasons People are Scrolling Past Your Instagram Photo

5 REASONS FOLLOWERS ARE SCROLLING PAST YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS | Increase engagement and followers on Instagram with Shannon May Brown