Five Pinterest Profile Mistakes You Are Making

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that often gets overlooked. However, it is SO powerful. Pinterest is essentially a search engine, and for any business owner, this is a great FREE way to get your content in front of millions! In the past year, I have grown my visibility on Pinterest to nearly one million, and it is because of this that I am able to drive constant engagement to my blog which leads to more business.

The issue I see most with Pinterest is most creatives don’t know how to properly use Pinterest to optimize the platform and its power! The good news is Pinterest involves little investment and mostly upfront work.

First and foremost, it is important to focus on creating an incredibly strong Pinterest profile. These five mistakes I see creatives make on their Pinterest profile severely hurt their chances of reaching a larger audience and having their content be seen!

Mistake #1: Not niching your boards

If you are a wedding photographer, but you have boards on everything under the sun from children’s crafts to reindeer themed Christmas decorations, you may want to rethink the content that you are posting on your public boards. While it is okay to have a few boards (1-3) that aren’t directly related to your craft, you want to make sure that the content you are reposting or publishing is on brand and related to what you do. Don’t be afraid to make a few boards private. In fact, I have over 50 private boards!

Mistake #2: Leaving the board descriptions vague or blank

The description is a great place to use keywords and describe what your board is about! Don’t leave this blank, and make sure to also categorize your board so that it is getting picked up by the Pinterest search algorithm correctly.

Mistake #3: Not adding your website

If your website is not added to your profile, you are making a big mistake! Make sure to utilize this feature and link your website to your profile. To do this, you must convert your profile to a business profile (which is good because you want access to your analytics!).

Mistake #4: A profile photo that is not on brand

I always recommend using a consistent profile photo across all of your social platforms. This will establish your presence in a consistent way and make you more recognizable. Pinterest is no different! Make sure you are using a profile photo that is of your face as well—this will establish a connection with potential new followers.

Mistake #5: Not adding a board of your work exclusively

Now that you have read through what mistakes are most commonly made on Pinterest profiles, take stock of yours. What needs to be changed? What simple fixes can you do in the next fifteen minutes to bring you immediate change? Take action today!

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Five Pinterest profile mistakes you are making!

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