My Essential Photography Business Tools

When I first started my photography business, I had ZERO clue what I was doing. However, I found so much great information online about what types of software, apps, and tools professional wedding photographers use. It’s crazy and exciting now, years later, that I’m sharing with you my favorite tools that I have used to run my business!

All of the products share in this post are ones I truly love and use regularly. I hope by sharing these essential photography business tools, you’ll learn about some awesome things you can use to grow your business!

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SMB possible! I hope you find some favorites here!

Tailwind: Tailwind is an incredible scheduling tool for Pinterest. This helps me stay on top of my social media game, and grow my Pinterest account. I also use Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts.

ShowIt: I use ShowIt to build my website and I freaking love it! It is so easy to use, and has a bunch of free themes that you can start with.

Flodesk: Before Flodesk, I dreaded sending out emails to my newsletter. Flodesk makes creating email campaigns SO much easier, and visually appealing! Bonus, it’s a woman-owned company!

Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe Creative Suite is an integral part of my business. I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere (for my IGTV and YouTube videos).

PicTime: I use PicTime for my client galleries. I recently switched to PicTime and I’m SO glad I did. You can get unlimited storage for an affordable price, and it has awesome automation built directly in the tool. Use code ZPMHRH for a free month.

Photomechanic: Photomechanic speeds up my culling exponentially! It is a one time fee, and so worth it because it will literally save you hours upon hours in your culling and editing process!

Canva: I use Canva for designing all of my marketing materials and creating graphics for videos. I love that I can create from my phone and my computer!

Luxedit: The team at Luxedit is top-notch. I outsource almost all of my editing to them  which has saved me so much time. They are fabulous at matching your style and delivering quality again and again.

Two Bright Lights: Two Bright Lights is a great platform for submitting weddings and other work to publications.

BoxFox: I love BoxFox! They create the cutest custom gifts. I love being able to send my clients and friends gifts from here because they have such a great and diverse selection.

Quickbooks: Quickbooks is the financial accounting software I use to keep track of income and expenses, as well as mileage. This makes tax season so much easier to navigate!

Lumos: This app will show you when the sun will be where in the sky. This is super useful for determining where the light will go throughout a wedding day.

I hope that me sharing these essential photography business tools was helpful! If you want to check out more of my favorites, I share them all on my Tools & Resources page!

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Essential Photography Business Tools | Shannon May Brown

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