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Shannon May Brown

Shannon May Brown

In March 2016, when I offered to take some blog photos for Sara, I had no idea that one day I would be photographing her wedding in Europe in 2019…and in a castle no less! I can’t wait to share a full blog post soon of my favorite photos from Sara and Ken’s wedding day. However, in the meantime, I want to tell you the amazing story of how Sara and I met and became friends, and share with you the beautiful posts she put together about her wedding day.

From Fan to Photographer: How I met the Bride

I first met Sara five years ago when I was a first-year at Wellesley College. I had just started my lifestyle blog, Endless May, and I was beyond excited to find out that one of my favorite blogs, Sara Laughed, was written by someone who too was at Wellesley. I reached out to her via Instagram and to my surprise, she responded! She was kind enough to meet me in the student center for tea, and I instantly loved her. She was warm, open, and immediately felt like a close friend.

From the very start, she was incredibly supportive of my blog and is largely the reason why I found the success I did. In exchange for all of her help, I offered to take some blog photos for her, and I was so honored that she used some of them on her site.

I remember feeling so proud of them! Here are a few to share:

(Yes, my photography has come a long way in the last few years thank goodness! But I still love these photos of Sara despite me not knowing much about how to utilize light hahah!)

Our friendship blossomed over the years, despite living in different countries at times. We often FaceTimed or caught up in-person when we could, sharing life updates and giggling over stories about our boyfriends. I always knew she and Ken would be married one day, so it was less of a matter of if and more of a matter of when. However, what I didn’t know is that I would fall in love with wedding photography and start a business before their engagement happened.

To my surprise, Ken and Sara asked if I would photograph their wedding. Incredibly honored, and so excited, I gladly said yes.

Ken and Sara got married on a beautiful June day outside of Leiden, Netherlands in a castle surrounded by their closest friends and family from all over the world. I, along with many of the guests, didn’t make it through the day without crying. I’ll never forget this moment, that Sara describes so well:

“Shannon, who took more than 5,000 photos this day (!!) asked if I wanted her to take pictures during our group prayer. I’ve seen photos of bridesmaids praying over the bride before and thought them beautiful; but it didn’t feel right in that moment to photograph something that felt sacred. Instead, Shannon put down her camera and prayed with us.

Having Shannon as our photographer was wonderful, because she’s also one of my very close friends. She is an incredible friend and person; Ken and I jokingly referred to her as the “MVP of our wedding” that day. But one of the downsides of having a best friend as your wedding photographer is that they’re working through the wedding, which doesn’t give them the chance to be fully present as a guest. When I glanced over during the prayer and saw Shannon praying with tears streaming down her face, I was so grateful for her presence on this day, and so glad to have this one moment where she could be fully present with us.”

Read more about Sara’s beautiful castle wedding on her blog in her wedding series featuring my photography!


Can’t wait to share more about their beautiful day!



Netherlands Wedding: Sara Laughed’s Recap

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